Rewriting Collective Agreements ~ Way of Mastery Series

Join Us: Aug 21st
LIVESTREAM (4-Classes)

Take a trip through time to uncover the mysterious Essene knowledge applying the secrets that Jesus was taught.

Note: Class Start Date: Aug 21st Each Saturday for 4 Classes

Who are the Essenes?

The Essene Jesus is restored to us, bringing to life the wise and loving Being who has been obscured by so much doctrine and dogma. He speaks to us across the centuries and opens a clearer understanding of the Way, which he established, and the ultimate goal of that Way. This book makes clear that Jesus did not stand-alone. He had the backing of a powerful and dedicated team of Essenes, including Joseph of Arimathea. 

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This work is given to assist those who will soon touch the HEART of a perfect Remembrance.  It is a great truth that greater works than mine shall you who serve Love bring forth into the World in these Last Days.

The Way of the Servant

Way of Mastery Immersion

All are called, but few choose to listen & even fewer still become wholly devoted to following the voice for love. Will you answer the call?

Heaven on Earth (First Class in our series)

Ultimately, all healing is the healing of the perception of illusions.

Way of Mastery Early Years

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