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Discover your StarChild Potential & your Contribution to Humanity!

The purpose of these readings is to nourish your soul.

These readings are about self- mastery. The eternal questions for humanity has been: Where do we come from? Why are we here? And what are we suppose to do?  Alan will help you clarify this in a way that can launch you on the road to greater success.

Alan Steinfeld looks with you at your soul’s destiny. What are you here to bring to the planet for its highest evolution. He believes we all have a part to play in this time of transformation and awakening. Some of us have come here from other star systems and dimensions, but we all have been sent on a mission to bring a higher frequency to earth. By looking at star system affiliations and in some cases past lives- you will get a clearer understanding of your purpose, if you don’t know what it is already. This can also include emotional blocks and patterns of behavior that have gotten in the way of your divine purpose. This can likewise include dietary and energetic counseling that might be slowing down your evolution. We are here to be the great cosmic beings we have been born to be. It is up to each of us to fulfill that destiny, Sometimes we need assistance to fulfill our soul’s desire. Alan is here to help you to know yourself and your soul’s true desires in order for the planetary upgrade to bring in New Realities…

For over 20 years, Alan Steinfeld has traveled the globe looking for the most important contributions to the field of Consciousness.

#AlanSteinfeld has been involved with many areas pertaining to Disclosure since his experiences as a young child. From that time, he realized that the only way for humanity to accept the fact that we are not alone is to shift our worldview about what we think is possible.

In this way, he feels we must transcend the old limitations of our mind and tap into what is beyond mainstream psychology, our education, our religions, and our political ideologies.

Alan feels that Disclosure is “an inside job” meaning that it is only when we wake up to who we really are as galactic beings that the cosmos will come to greet us in our magnificence.

Alan is also a visionary focused on reaching the world with his message and to that end has delivered a plethora of revered content through his web based program, #NewRealities (New Realities: making known the unknown).

From this platform, he has interviewed every top researcher in the UFO field; forming close alliances to such people as John Mack, Budd Hopkins, Richard Dolan, and Linda Moulton Howe. He also serves as one the principle emcees at Contact in the Desert.

Intuitive Soul Reading with Alan Steinfeld

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