First Contactee Training Part 2 – Special Alumni Pricing


“Signing up for PART II is indeed an amplification and serves as my vote for contact!”


Remote Viewing, Non Local Awareness and ET Activation with Alan Steinfeld & Riok brought to you by Nourish Your Soul TV

Message from RIOK:
The Four Week Contactee Training Program  Part 2 will be further development in our abilities to channel, psychic awareness, intuitive, Esp skills and palpable connection with not only the Sassani as you understand us to be but also a great deal of other extraterrestrials and off-world connection that many of you have that are related to your other simultaneous incarnations.  Alan Steinfeld will be co-teaching this deeper dive in skills development and exploration into learning to channel.

bashar-alan-interviewAlan Steinfeld, who interviewed Bashar on ET Contact, founder of New Realities declares that “We are in a revolution of the Human Mind.”

An aspect of being the multi-dimensional human is using our mind to go beyond our present time and space in order to tap into the non local realities that are all around us.

These four classes will be a training in just how to access this greater part of consciousness. The first two weeks of this four week training will be focuses on the basics of learning non local sensing, as it was developed as a tool for psychic spying by the CIA.  Alan will share techniques that were taught to him by one of the founders of Remote viewing at the Stanford research institute Russel Targ.  The program was developed to keep up with the Russians who were already well advance in psychic spying.  The CIA not wanting to use the word psychic decided to call it ‘remote viewing” giving it a scientific edge.  But as we shall learn of the 4 weeks this is not practice made for special individuals, but it is a practice that all people who are capable of doing and perfecting the technique.

The 2nd two weeks of the course will include channeling from Riok as we start to remote view not just earthily realm, but higher dimension and off planet races. Riok will act as guide to these upper realms and his advance scientific and vibrational insight is part of the vital job where has here as a Sassani specialist. This assistance will give us the valued component of this will include the ability of each us to download ET mind-melding messages, that will be delved for ourselves and the planet.  Riok will also down load to us the higher messages that go beyond words and with that comes the vibrational frequency of the higher consciousness as an adjutant to new realities.

Alan Steinfeld is a writer, producer and speaker in the fields of human potential, metaphysics, conscious evolution, healing, creativity, spiritual awakening and cosmic intelligences.  He is the founder of a website that features the latest in mind, body, spirit information.  His youtube channel with his interviews has over 18 million views.  Over the past several years he has been on the speaking circuit giving lectures concerning the nature of perception, crop circles, the awakening of the creative mind, and what the ascension of the body really means.  He is a NY State licensed acupuncturist and the author of the book, “Careers in Alternative Medicine,” published by Rosen Publishing, now in its third edition.


baby boy with headphone lies on backNote: Sessions will be recorded and archived for future use of First Contactee Training Course Part 2 for support.  You will receive a download link of all unedited recordings from our 4-week course to watch at your convenience.

Message from Alan Steinfeld:  This will be a practical hands on course, where you will learn the basics for non local consciousness. How to project your awareness to any place, any person, anytime in this dimension, and with the help of Riok in the second two classes to other dimensional. You will learn about the vast of your being and the potential to know all that there is.

Message from RIOK:
The idea is during this four week Level 2 Training Program, we will allow for you to deepen your skills from our previous 4 weeks training by join us in a process of rewiring, remembering physical contact experiences and meditations to support inducing a trace state for channeling deepening in states of ecstasy, love, joy, and bliss, so you can understand what vibrations, what choices, what ideas, thoughts, and actions are fully aligned with your personal passion, your personal excitement, and your authentic signature frequency.

Remember as previously stated you already possess psychic skills and you use your psychic skills all the time. The idea is we will teach you how to access those energetic states so you can be a channel for ‘et’ energies in whatever ways it is more exciting for you.

 This would be how we would describe the Level 2 Four Week Training Program.

It is our honor to be working with you in these unique passionate co-creative ways.   Welcome to our Rainbow Tribe building a bridge in consciousness together.


***Note: Part 1 First Contactee course is encouraged with Riok guided meditations but not necessary to attend Part 2***  Special Bundle price for both $333

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Single Ticket – First Contactee Training Program: Part Two (Special Alumni Pricing) 133.00


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Couples Ticket – First Contactee Training Program: Part Two (Special Alumni Pricing)



Suggested Class Materials: Frankincense Oil & Sage Oil (USA ONLY)

Frankincense Oil 4ml $26 Sage oil 10ml $30 Pure 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Wild Crafted, Non-GMO) $56 + $15 shipping & handling = $71


Part 2 CLASS BEGINS Friday, JAN 10th, Friday, Jan 17th, Friday, Jan 24th, Sunday, Feb 2nd  3pm-5pm Eastern Time USA

We will have a private Facebook Group for paid class members where replays of class videos can be seen.  Within 48 hours after payment please look for an email confirmation with next steps in the registration process to add you to our Private Facebook Group.  See you there!