Health & Healing Coaching Session

Jehan Strouse Wellness Coach

Are you tired of feeling tired, lethargic and unmotivated? Are you ready to transform your life?

Do you constantly worry about not knowing where to start? Or give up halfway through?

You shouldn’t have to struggle through every day.

And I’m ready to help you reclaim your life!

My name is Jehan! I am holistic health and wellness coach. As a wellness coach, I focus on the future and know the answers to facilitate change.
I help you take action within your life. To live mindfully and be present in your day to day life, helping you deal with stresses and strains thrown your way.
As your coach, I’m not only there to help keep you accountable and motivate you but, I’m there as a friend. Offering advice on how you can nourish and nurture yourself so that you feel happier and healthier.
I believe in detoxing the body from everyday living, GMOs, heavy metals, hormone disruptors and lessening the toxic burden from modern life along with a strong focus on digestive health and addressing nutrient deficiencies. After this process, we discuss the incorporation of wellness protocols that include fitness, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and energy medicine. Take a rounded, holistic approach and add it into your daily routines.
Once you’ve created these daily routines, we’ll monitor your progress and make any tweaks and changes to create a long-lasting lifestyle. I work on the philosophy that you should “have your cake and eat it too”, incorporating those delicious foods you know and love and not restricting your choices.
Why get wellness coaching with me?
• I have a Bachelors in Nutrition from Bastyr University.
• I have been studying natural medicine and wellness for over 20 years.
• I look at your health from a holistic perspective. Your situation is unique to you and, that’s how we uncover underlying issues.
• I work with all diets and lifestyles but practice and promote plant-based nutrition.
• Feel fully supported throughout your journey to a healthier you.
• Get connected to a community of like-minded individuals and lift each other through the journey.
• Get amazing advice on the right foods, supplements and nutrition for your body type.
Every wellness solution is tailored to your unique needs. We sit down to discover what your mind, body and spirit needs so that you can have long-lasting wellness for life.
So if you’re ready to reclaim your life, love your body, feel relaxed and enjoy life. Contact your results oriented coach today.

You can book a session with her privately on this page.

Please fill out this questionnaire prior to your appointment and send it back by emailing to or text picture image back to 765-418-0776


1 Hour Session with Jehan

Health & Healing Coaching Session with Jehan to be proactive in your own health and wellness. Through learning the ways to care for our sacred body temple we can clean out our system to have vitality restored as the body receives the nourishment it requires. “There are only two causes of disease…… Toxicity and being deficient in what the body requires for healing.” Quote by Dr. Gerson