State of BEING Session

State of BEING Session

With Michelle Copeland

Michelle Copeland is an Aromatherapist & Wellness consultant with over 20 years research in alternative holistic medicine. Michelle is a gifted empath, and recognized leader offering leading-edge tools for transformation. A gifted messenger of the Holy Spirit offering miraculous transformation through forgiveness and I AM statements, clearing the way, removing obstacles to the presence of Love.

As producer and TV Host of Nourish Your Soul TV, which aired in Seattle, WA on Scan TV reaching over 100 million viewers, Michelle interviewed cutting-edge published authors like William Henry, consulting producer Ancient Aliens History Channel; Alan Steinfeld of New Realities; Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field; JZ Knight from the film What the Bleep Do You Know; Patricia Cota-Robles of; including well-known musicians such as Deva Premal & Miten; Manose and Snatam Karr.

Michelle gives talks on KNOWING THYSELF, and MY STATE OF BEING. She is leading First Contact CONVERSATIONS IN CONSCIOUSNESS. Michelle is passionate about empowering others to Know Thyself by applying the tools of Self-Mastery as shared in both WAY OF MASTERY, and by Essassani members Riok through Tyler Ellison, Elan and Bashar through Darryl Anka, featured in the documentary film First Contact.

Michelle is certified in the Dr. Gerson Therapy (cure for all disease), member of the Sound Healers Association, a Spiritual Initiative, Interfaith Minister and Sound Therapist. Certified in EPT (Emotional Polarity Technique), trained by Dr. Annette Cargiolli. Certified in Esoteric Healing and Matrix Energetics, trained by Dr. Richard Barlett. Michelle has been a student of Way of Mastery material since 2005 and took both Radical Inquiry Training I & II with Jayem.

What is a State of BEING session? A Vibrational Attunement of Radical Inquiry clearing conscious and unconscious negative limiting beliefs held in one’s vibrational field from childhood into adulthood through EPT — Emotional Polarity Technique. .

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What is EPT ?

EMOTIONAL POLARITY TECHNIQUE™ FOR YOUR BODY-MIND-SPIRIT Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT™) is an innovative holistic therapy that combines energy, intuition and forgiveness to help you create more of what you want in your life right now. A collaborative, intentional program of EPT™ therapy is recommended for clients to experience astonishing life changes. Just 7 EPT™ sessions to get optimal results from this therapy. EPT™ has over 25 years of clinical success ending depression, anxiety and all manner of physical and emotional pain. Book a STATE of BEING session today with Trained EPT practitioner Michelle. Or Enroll in our Way of Mastery Heaven on Earth Immersion to get started today.

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