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Tyler Ellison

Tyler Ellison was born in 1992 in the United States. Upon having a spiritual awakening in 2013, everything in Tyler’s reality shifted. He went through a rapid guided reorganization of his entire life in a years’ time, which involved moving locations, conquering addictions, and exploring the deepest aspects of his own spirit. During this life shift, Tyler realized he had the ability to vocally channel and began working with Pleiadeans and a variety of other beings, allowing them to use his voice to deliver a variety of different messages. Tyler currently channels a being named Riok from Essassani, the planet of the Sassani civilization. Riok is involved in the hybridization program and specializes in manifestation and psychic skill development. Tyler is also channeler for another Sassani being named Shi Koi, who is responsible, according to Bashar, for nature and environment-related topics. Tyler is also a Reiki Master, a Taoist meditation practitioner and healer, and a student of acupuncture and natural nutritional science. Tyler’s YouTube channel is Health Thyself, where over 50 videos of channeling and personal content are available for viewing. Tyler is available for private Tao energy healing sessions, spiritual skill development, channeling sessions, and wellness coaching sessions.

Tyler has become known as the very talented channel who brings through Riok, a Sassani being serving as a hybrid specialist and assisting us his ancestors at ushering in a new intergalactic reality.

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Tyler offers a four-part private one-on-one class in which he teaches his private students how to channel their own guides and communicate with other beings with which resonance is established.

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