ReConnective Healing Session

Reconnective Healing Session and Coaching

Yajayra Vargas was born in Honduras in 1981 under a very strict religious upbringing, and at the age of 24 she was questioning everything that she had been taught from family, society, culture and religion.

After graduating from college with a degree in Ecotourism, she was crystal clear on one thing: she loved connecting and helping people.

Being a student of A Course in Miracles after her awakening in 2012, Yajayra was guided to delve deep into metaphysics and spirituality through a myriad of means including ancient wisdom and channeled texts. She consumed as much knowledge as she could access in an effort to find cohesiveness and unity among all of the many different teachings she was encountering and from which she was learning.

The spectrum of knowledge that she was gaining spanned from quantum physics to esoteric knowledge and mysticism. Being a stay a home mom gave her the opportunity to dive into a deeper understanding of the nature of reality and further offered her much needed insight into the dynamics of relationships as she endured emotional marital hardships.

Working on herself at an emotional and mental level, and using the various techniques that she was learning for clearing and healing her energetic body, her main goal was to stop her own suffering.

Through diving into countless courses, audio books, and videos she started satisfying a primordial hunger for understanding herself. Her passion within the field of spirituality continues to grow by leaps in bounds as she makes and facilitates breakthroughs through unlearning, relearning and nurturing her soul through following her own highest passion and joy as she assists others in doing the same.

Yajayra trained with Dr. Eric Pearl in 2017 and offers long distance ReConnective Healing and Coaching sessions.

You can book a session with her privately on this page and follow her daily inspirational messages on her Facebook page.

Reconnective Healing as described by Dr. Pearl is an established non-touch energy healing approach, a return to an optimal state of balance that results from interacting with its fully comprehensive spectrum of frequencies consisting of energy, light and information that brings about beneficial transformation in our DNA, restoring harmony and coherence by transforming our body, heart, mind and soul.

RH doesn’t treat or cure although many have reported “miraculous” changes. We encourage you to allow the frequencies to provide any and all healing to take place.

“Your healing may come in the form you anticipate or it may come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of, one that the Universe has designed for you”. Dr. Eric Pearl

Scientist have found that when the ReConnective Healing frequencies entrain with our energy bodies we emit and vibrate at a higher harmonic level of light. It is suggested that you experience between one and three sessions.

Everyone’s experience with RH is unique, and the less you expect the more you receive.

You lie on your back in a comfortable place where you will not be interrupted, close your eyes and just notice.

Whatever you experience is what you need for your healing to take place.

1 Hour Session with Yajayra Vargas

Yajayra with Dr. Eric Pearl of Reconnective Healing